Continues its European Growth Expansion with the Acquisition of UK-Based ProConfirm


LONDON, UK and NASHVILLE, TN - July 30, 2014 - announced today that it has expanded its presence in Europe with the acquisition of ProConfirm Ltd, an electronic audit confirmation solution based in London, UK. This acquisition reinforces's leadership position as the global provider of secure online audit confirmation services and brings in ProConfirm's local expertise of the UK and European markets.

“在欧洲,随着越来越多的会计事务所和银行寻求提高运营效率并降低疏漏金融诈骗的概率,对我们在线审计询证函服务的关注也与日俱增。”Confirmation.com首席执行官Chris Schellhorn表示。

过去两年里,Confirmation.com服务在国际市场得到迅速推广。”Confirmation.com总裁Brian Fox补充说。 "With the acquisition of ProConfirm, this growth will continue at an even more rapid pace."

As part of this acquisition, ProConfirm will remain in London and integrate into the company’s UK subsidiary, UK, Ltd. Adam Goodall and Samuel O’Connor, acting principles of ProConfirm, will oversee operations for the UK office including marketing, sales and support of the service.

"Our acquisition of ProConfirm, the opening of our UK office in London, and having Adam and Samuel as part of our team allows us to better serve our growing customer base in mainland Europe," said Dave Malone, senior vice president of and responsible for the company's international expansion.“很高兴他们能成为我们的一员,他们的专长对我们在欧洲市场的增长大有裨益。”

“Confirmation.com完全改变了全球审计人员和银行管理审计询证函的方式。”Confirmation.com英国商业总监O'Connor表示。“能够加入该公司并支持它在英国和欧洲的增长,我深感振奋。” "We had first-hand experience of how frustrating the old postal process is whilst working at a Big 4 accountancy firm," said Goodall, operations director of UK. “英国和欧洲对电子审计询证函的需求巨大,Samuel和我非常期待扩大公司在这个重要市场的业务。”

With hundreds of thousands of users around the world, continues to accelerate its international growth with its new UK office and through its reseller partners Confirmations Asia Pacific in the Asia Pacific region, CQS Technology Holdings in Africa and Asa Makina in Turkey.

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